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May 14th, 2021

When can I get my Covid vaccination?

We acknowledge the frustration that our patients are experiencing with accessing information about the Covid vaccine rollout in Canterbury.  It is a complex issue. The short turn around times due to super cold freezer space and supply chain logistics make it difficult to manage.

Currently we do not have enough information from the Ministry of Health to be in a position to decide if we can offer the vaccine at our practice.

The information provided below is all we can offer our patients at this time

13th May 21 from Canterbury Primary Response Group to all General practices in Canterbury:

“The Ministry of Health has confirmed again this week that they expect general practice and community pharmacy to be involved in the vaccine delivery, however this needs to be in a safe and measured way. Vaccine supplies in NZ are constrained until the end of June, requiring calculated planning and a phasing of the roll out programme to match supply.

Come July when the MoH expects to take delivery of larger stocks, vaccine delivery across primary care is expected to grow slowly with broader involvement continuing to match vaccine availability. This is expected to speed up as we start vaccinating Groups 3 and 4.

As plans are finalised, and timings confirmed, we will be working with the Canterbury DHB Communications team to provide information for the public regarding when they can access vaccination in Canterbury, and how they can book a vaccination appointment. We will also let general practice teams know when we need you to alert your enrolled populations.”

For more information about the vaccine and about which “Group” you belong to please go to