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Women’s Health

Women’s Health,

Cervical Smears

Cervical cancer is a highly treatable disease if detected early, and we recommend smears on a regular basis for 25 - 69 years old

Are you considering a smear?

  • Read our information page, or discuss with a nurse or doctor
  • We have a trained nurse, and female doctors who can do the smear for you
  • You can book a single appointment over the phone with nurse or doctor

Women’s Health,


This is a highly effective contraceptive that can be ideal solution for some women, and especially to help manage those that endure heavy periods.

If you considering this ...

  • Talk to your doctor

Women’s Health,

Pipelle Biopsy

This procedure can often be helpful to investigate abnormal vaginal bleeding. Your doctor will be able to explain the procedure with you prior to booking an appointment.

Booking an appointment

  • Talk to your doctor first
  • Phone to book a 30 minute appointment
  • There may be a charge for this procedure