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Minor Procedures

Minor Procedures,

Minor Surgery

Our doctors are trained to complete minor surgery within the practice and there a number of common procedures we offer, including skin lesions, toenails and skin tag removal.

Where to start...

  • Talk to your doctor or nurse during a consultation
  • Call up our nursing staff for any advice
  • When you book, mention what you are coming for
  • Most only require a single appointment

Minor Procedures,

Iron Infusion

Ilam offers in clinic Iron Infusions. The doctor will discuss this as an option for iron replacement if you meet the criteria.

Think you need iron?

  • Talk to reception first
  • They may then book an appointment with doctor
  • If you need iron the process takes a 1 hour slot

Minor Procedures,

Ear Suctioning

Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance in healthy ears, but it’s quite common for wax to build up in the ear canal and can impair hearing. Sometimes you may not even know you have a wax build up, or you may have a feeling of fullness in your ears, or you may have difficulty hearing.

Booking an appointment

  • Please book with your doctor first to check for other issues
  • Suctioning can then be done by your nurse

Minor Procedures,

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is available at Ilam Medical daily. This can be used to treat verrucas, skin lesions and warts.

To book an appointment

  • A doctors appointment is required initially
  • Successive appointments can then be made with a nurse