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Minor Surgery

Our doctors are trained to complete minor surgery within the practice and there a number of common procedures we offer, including skin lesions, toenails and skin tag removal.

If you are concerned about an old or new lesion, cyst, skin tags, skin condition or ingrown toenail, please ask the Doctor to assess this during a consultation. The Doctor will discuss the appropriate treatment options and cost at this time.
Local anaesthetic is provided for all minor surgery procedures to minimise pain and discomfort.


Our offered procedures include:

  •  Skin lesion excision. Full removal of the lesion. The area will be numbed prior to the procedure and lesion removed. 
  •  Shave excision. Skin tags or other superficial lesion can be remove via shave excision, this does not cut into your skin. 
  • Punch biopsy. This can determine the nature of the lesion or skin condition, in order to guide follow-up or treatment.
  • In growth toenail removal


Supporting you

The nurse assists the Doctor to complete your procedure and will explain the process prior to starting. If you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment please call and ask to speak with the nurse or discuss these with the doctor during consultation.