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Diabetes is a serious condition, where the level of glucose in the blood is too high. There are two types, because of either lack of insulin (type 1) or increased insulin resistance (type 2). Diabetes can lead to serious complications including, kidney failure, blindness, limb amputation, and increased cardiovascular disease.

Testing and Management

Diagnostic testing or screening should be discuss with your Doctor.  It is often silent and therefore we recommend everyone is checked, especially if you are over 40 years of age or have risk factors. Find out if you are at risk here

With consistent self-care it can be managed and health outcomes improved.

Free Diabetes checks

Ilam offers FREE annual diabetes check, and we encourage all of our diabetic patients to come in for this. This includes a blood and urine test (completed prior to appointment if able), foot circulation assessment and discussion about about you medication, diet, exercise and others.
We will also check if you retinal screening check is up to date.


Helping you

 Our nursing team will send you a reminder letter each year to invite you in for this check. We also offer diabetes appointment’s if you are concerned, have questions or would like to discussed anything related to diabetes. Please call reception to book in with a nurse or doctor. 


Starting out

Starting insulin may be required if you blood sugar is consistently elevated. The doctor will discuss this with you at a consultation. We have nurses that are trained to assist you when starting insulin. They will also provide ongoing support while you are working through this process. 

For more information the below resources are great tools
Diabetes NZ website
HealthInfo website
(type diabetes into the search bar)