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Checks / Assessments

Checks / Assessments,

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular disease (heart attack or stroke) is the leading cause of death in NZ. A heart check (or cardiovascular risk assessment) will let you know what your risk is of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years and how you can reduce that risk.

Talk to us first and arrange an appointment

  • Book an appointment with your doctor
  • A nurse may assist in the heart check
  • Do it now if at all concerned!

Checks / Assessments,

Insurance Medicals

Insurance Medicals are an integral part of our general practice work. They are more often requested by an insurance provider before they will provide cover for you.

In most cases we will need to carry out some form of medical checks and provide some level of health information, with your permission.

Of you are needing a check up for insurance

  • Talk to reception about the checks you need
  • Ensure you grant permission for sharing info
  • Book an appointment

Checks / Assessments,

Blood tests

Blood test services (phlebotomy) are available Monday to Friday with our nurses.
Most results are available within a few days, but for anything urgent your doctor will request a faster response and contact you if required.

If you are needing a blood test or asked to get one

  • We can arrange it at the surgery
  • You can get it at other locations
  • There is often a small charge for a test

Checks / Assessments,


Diabetes is a serious condition, where the level of glucose in the blood is too high. There are two types, because of either lack of insulin (type 1) or increased insulin resistance (type 2), and all can have serious implications for your health.

Where to start?

  • To begin with talk to a nurse or your doctor.
  • They can arrange a diagnostic test if necessary with you
  • They can also remind you to have a regular check

Checks / Assessments,

Drivers Medicals

For the safety of everyone on our roads, all drivers must be medically fit to drive. You have to prove that you are medically fit each time you apply for, renew, or replace your driver’s licence.

Making an appointment

  • You will need to book an appointment with the doctor
  • You will spend time with the doctor and nurse
  • We have the forms you require