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Enrolment Zone

Having an enrolment zone enables us to provide effective care to our patients. With increasing pressure on our services it allows us to see patients and make appointments when needed most.

Check out the map to see if you are living in the enrolment zone.


Enrolling at Ilam Medical

Ilam Medical welcomes new patients. In June 2022 we moved into our new building. This purpose built facility enables us to offer a wider range of services to meet your needs.

Before enrolling

  • Check you are eligible
  • Check our enrolment zone
  • Read our terms of Trade and,
  • Complete the enrolment forms
  • Ensure you have appropriate ID



Ilam Medical are taking new patients in 2024 as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Please use the links below to find out more

  • Use the links and also check out our enrolment zone map