Ground floor, Ilam Health Building, 110 Memorial Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch : Ph 03 351 6198 :

General Practice

Ilam Medical like most doctors located in NZ communities is often referred to as a General Practice, where you will find GP doctors, nurses and support staff. In some countries these are more commonly referred to as ‘family doctors’.

All round care and support

As a General Practice we specialise in providing primary healthcare across all facets of your health needs. Our doctors and nurses are trained and skilled in diagnosing and identifying health needs and concerns, and can then refer you to specialists when required for more assessment and treatment.

Enrolled, or casual?

As NZ citizens you can receive support and subsidised care through our medical centre as an enrolled patient. Once you are enrolled, booking appointments is easy and you will benefit by getting to know your doctor and the team.

If you are from out of town, visiting, or not yet enrolled, we can still see you if there is an appointment available. There may be a small charge in some cases.

Enrolled somewhere else?

If you are enrolled somewhere else, your information will be sent to your regular doctor and practice to ensure continuity of care