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March 16th, 2022

R.A.T.s & P.C.R. testing for Covid19

We are offering Rapid Antigen Tests [RATs] according to Ministry of Health [MoH] guidelines. Currently, testing is required for:

– Asymptomatic household contacts on day 3 and 7 of isolation

– Anyone with Covid-19-like symptoms, regardless of whether they are a household contact or not.

Please call reception to book in for a test if you meet this criteria.

We do also have some P.C.R. Covid-19 tests available, but again there are strict guidelines from the MoH about this and most people will only need a R.A.T.

Our staff can advise if a P.C.R. is indicated for you.

If you have completed a R.A.T. at home and it has shown a positive result, please remember to register this on your ‘My Covid Record’ page. This will then notify public health, and also notifies your GP (although it can take a few days for your GP to receive this information).

If you are Covid-19 positive, you and everyone in your household must isolate.

If you are concerned about your general health, breathing, or have any chest pain, call IMC on 03 3516198 or Healthline on 0800-358-5453. If you need urgent medical help, call 111 and tell them you have COVID-19.

For information, support, and advice around being a COVID-19 case, visit

Our nurses are happy to advise if you are uncertain about testing criteria, or have any questions that can’t be answered by looking at the MoH website:

We are also offering travel Covid-19 swabs, both R.A.T. and P.C.R., for enrolled patients.

Please call reception to book in for your pre-departure test.

Note: We are unable to advise the swab type or date required for travel. Please check the requirements of your destination country before booking in. P.C.R. test results take 24-48hours to return from the lab.