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May 14th, 2021

Flu Vaccines available for all

Flu clinics available from 17th May 21 for any age.

As per MOH guidelines, we were only authorised to vaccinate our over 65 year old population up until 16th May 2021.

All other patients are able to be vaccinated from 17th May.  Please call reception to book your time in one of our morning or afternoon clinics. For those people who are not eligible to receive a funded vaccine the cost will be $25.00


Please note:

You can have your annual flu shot and your COVID-19 vaccination, but not at the same time.

Get your COVID-19 vaccination first if you have an appointment booked for it.

If you do not have an appointment booked for a COVID-19 vaccination, get your flu shot first.

Leave a gap of two weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine.


If you would like to access more information about the flu vaccine please visit the “fight Flu” website